The Fun Begins With You

Despite the poor weather predictions Bart and his team at our newest Awesome Playgrounds store braved the rain to celebrate the grand opening of Awesome Playgrounds Fawkner!

And the weather held off long enough for a good day to be had by all! Plenty of people attended the grand opening to be entertained by Spot ‘N’ Dot Kids Entertainment, a Josh and Jenna from the block BUILD A SANDPIT challenge with Josh being profoundly thrashed by a member of the public and plenty of food and drinks to celebrate!

Check out some photos from the grand opening below and be sure to pop down yourself to check our the new Fawkner yard, 1379 Sydney Road, Fawkner! (You may have to enter 1379 Hume Hwy, Fawkner into your GPS if you’re having trouble finding it, some GPS are different.)


Backyards, traditionally treasured family places, are these days too often neglected, left empty and unused. A boring backyard makes kids want to play elsewhere, either inside or down the road at the park where parental supervision is limited. Don’t you want a backyard you can be proud of, one that your kids can’t get enough of, and one that shouts good times for the whole family?

Well, a playground is the answer. Bring some excitement and colour back into your backyard and give the whole family a reason to get outside and have some fun!

So without further ado, here is the countdown, from 3 to 1, of the top reasons why your backyard needs a playground!

3) An investment for the future.

Assuming you have a young family, you probably also own a nice, suburban family home too. It’s perfect for your current lifestyle, but what about when the time comes to sell the house and move on? When that time comes, having a playground in the backyard can add a heap of value to the house for potential buyers also with a young family. Of course, you’ll need your playground to be strong and sturdy so it endures many years of service, so be sure to buy an Australian-made unit with a good warranty from a reputable supplier.

2) Healthy Playtime for your kids.

With childhood obesity on the rise, the push to get kids playing outside again has never been stronger. Playgrounds fuel the imaginations of children and encourage the development of their motor skills and muscles. Playgrounds enable them to burn energy, get the blood pumping and give them that feel-good feeling you get from exercising.

1) Your kids will absolutely love it!

Kids go crazy over a super fun, high quality playground! Their faces instantly light up upon just seeing a playground, so imagine the excitement when they find out they own their very own playground. Hours of playtime will be spent outside in the backyard, swinging, climbing, sliding, hanging, running and playing games. The playground becomes the star attraction, especially when friends come over. It also provides many fantastic opportunities for kids to socialise with their friends and share with them the fun of their playground.

So there you have it! How could you not have a playground in your backyard now? If you want further proof of how much kids love playgrounds, take them to your nearest Awesome Playgrounds store and let them try out all the different playgrounds on display.

Go on! Love your kids and buy them many years worth of fun and exciting playtime with an awesome playground.

We’re proud to announce that all Awesome Playgrounds stores now accept the Australian Baby Card!

The Australian Baby Card is a discount card specifically for parents with young children or soon-to-be parents. ABC has teamed up with heaps of fantastic companies across Australia to bring cardholders super discounts and special offers. Since its’ introduction, heaps of parents have applied for the card and are now enjoying the exclusive savings offered to cardholders!

Awesome PlaygroundsVisit the ABC website (by clicking the image above) to view our unique offer for ABC cardholders only, plus many more discounts for young families.

To apply for your Australian Baby Card today, simply click here!

Awesome Sheds

The trees are shedding their leaves, so don’t be leaving it too long to grab a shed for winter.

Just in time for the cold months, Awesome Playgrounds has just started making sheds again. Being quite similar in design to a cubby house and having made them in the past, we knew we could make a cracking shed!

However, before we dove back into shed manufacturing, we sat down and thought about the sort of shed we wanted to offer. Sheds are a-dime-a-dozen these days, and with the sheer quantity available on the market most manufacturers seem to have forgotten that a shed doesn’t have to just store things, but that it can also look good. When most people think of a backyard shed, they think of a typical small, metal shed that looks tacky and stands out like a sore thumb. So we thought, ‘Why not make natural looking timber sheds that are spacious and visually attractive?’. Obvious huh?

We picked pine as our timber of choice, decided we’d always throw in a floor with every purchase (you’ll find they’re often optional extras with timber sheds), then made sure our sheds had the best coverage and protection possible with Colorbond roofing and a staining option.

The next step? Build.

We started out with ‘The Gardener’ and ‘The Alexandra’. They’re both simple sheds perfect for the backyard hobbyist and we instantly found them to be quite popular amongst customers.

Awesome Sheds

‘The Alexandra’ pictured here is slightly wider than ‘The Gardener’

Next we introduced ‘The Murray’ with the unique ‘side door’ feature that you can see below.

Awesome Sheds

Then, picking up on the cubby house theme, we introduced sheds with verandahs, creating something a little bit different and with a touch of style.

Awesome Sheds

‘The Grange’, adding shade and class!

Awesome Sheds

‘The Kingston’ is a classic style shed with plenty of width, especially when you add the double doors pictured above!

So if you’re short on storage space and want to keep all your equipment dry throughout the winter months, or you feel your current shed could do with replacing, consider our Awesome Sheds and imagine how great they’d look in your backyard!

There are even more Awesome Sheds available that aren’t pictured here and each model of shed is available in a range of sizes to suit any backyard. To find out what sizes of each shed are available, what additional extras you can buy and to find out where to pick up one of our Awesome Sheds, visit the shed page on our website at

The Scope Family Fun Day

Awesome Playgrounds participated in the Scope Family Fun Day at the Collingwood Children’s Farm last Saturday and I have to say, we had an absolute ball! It was a real privilege to be there supporting Scope Victoria, as all funds raised on the day went straight towards their incredible work assisting those with disabilities. Awesome Playgrounds helped to raise funds primarily by donating a Funhouse 2 cubby house.

We arrived at the Collingwood Children’s Farm about an hour before the Family Fun Day began to finish setting up along with all the other participating companies. The weather was already heating up and it looked like it was going to be a fantastic sunny day!

Awesome Playgrounds - Scope Family Fun Day

Soon after, people starting flowing through and Vinnie Mammoliti (aka DJ Vinnie) got the tunes playing. He was particularly impressive as he is a cerebral palsy sufferer and spun the discs like no other! The Mix 101 FM street crew arrived too and were handing out lots of prizes!

DJ Vinnie

We had so many kids already lining up for a go on the trampoline (as well as a few brave parents) and it wasn’t even lunch time. Interest in the donated cubby house we had on display grew rapidly as people only had to buy a raffle ticket to go in the draw to win it. It wasn’t long until heaps of raffle tickets were sold and we’d heard from many excited parents telling us how much they’d love to see the cubby house in their backyard.

As we started to get hungry, we thought it’d be a great idea to grab a sausage sandwich and hamburger, both very well cooked by the Scope volunteers on the BBQ. It was getting hot as it neared 1pm, which was when the event was at its’ busiest. There were lots of other activities happening including tractor rides, pony rides, the gumboot throwing challenge plus a farm full of animals to see and enjoy.

Awesome Playgrounds - Scope Family Fun Day

At around 2:30pm it came time to draw the raffle and Awesome Playgrounds got to do the honors. The winner was Walter, and although he was no longer at the Family Fun Day, he was over the moon to hear that he’d won the cubby house when we called him!

Awesome Playgrounds - Scope Family Fun Day

By 3:30pm everything began wrapping up as it was a long, hot day and everyone was getting tired from the excitement overload. We let the last of the children finish jumping on the trampoline then packed everything up to head home after an incredible Family Fun Day!

Awesome At Moomba

Awesome Playgrounds ran our first ever TV ad at the Moomba Festival over the Victorian Labour Day long weekend. Early estimations have indicated a record-breaking turnout at this year’s event with pedestrian traffic reaching just over 1,000,000 people over the 4 day event.

There was great weather the whole weekend and an almost overwhelming amount of activities to do and spectacles to see!

We were really pleased to have our ad being shown constantly throughout the event and we were also quite proud of how our ad turned out (check it out on our Facebook page)!

The BIG Geelong Open Day!

Awesome Playgrounds Geelong are having their first ever Open Day and it’s set to be a fantastic day out for the family. Their Open Day coincides with Pako Festa, Australia’s largest festival celebrating cultural diversity that attracts up to 100,000 people each year. Positioned right on Pakington Street, Awesome Playgrounds Geelong will be the best place to let your kids loose for a while whilst you relax and check out some of their awesome products. What’s more, we hear they’ve got some amazing Open Day specials planned for the day so you’ll definitely want to check them out!

Pako Festa is a fantastic day out for the whole family, showcasing heaps of local musicians and dancers, as well as great food from all corners of the globe, all provided by a huge variety of cultural organisations. The food in particular looks amazing (if you love your food like we do here at Awesome Playgrounds, have a look at this mouthwatering menu).

So if you’re feeling worn out from all the standing and walking around Pako Festa, Awesome Playgrounds Geelong has some great outdoor settings you can rest on whilst you watch your kids climb, swing, slide, hang and bounce.

Remember, the very first Open Day for Awesome Playgrounds Geelong starts at 9am and runs through to 4pm , Saturday 25th February 2012. Great specials available on the day and for one day only!