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Playing Safely on Your Playground

As you Facebookers may have seen, we came across an insightful article on the Victorian Government’s Better Health Channel website about the benefits of playgrounds for children and how to ensure they play safe on a range of play equipment (you can view the article here). Being a retailer of playgrounds, trampolines and play equipment, this article is very close to our hearts, so we’d like to educate our customers further about playground safety and our thoughts about the piece.

We can provide our customers with the safest playgrounds and play equipment products possible, but it’s up to you, the parents, to ensure your children play safe on all play equipment. This is an area that we are exploring further to assist our customers in ensuring their children are safe as we’d genuinely feel horrible if we heard of a child being injured as a result of playing unsafely on one of our products, let alone any other playground/play product. So this is why we really took notice of this Child Safety article and why we will endeavour to provide our customers with more safety and health information and advice.

Regarding the benefits of play, the article lists several specific benefits that playing and playgrounds provide kids, and we agree with every one of them. An interesting point is that the article lists ‘Being challenged and taking risks’ as a benefit of play in essentially a ‘playground safety’ article. In today’s society, risk is usually associated with danger and therefore avoided. Thinking back to my own childhood, the public playgrounds I enjoyed the most have nowadays been deemed too dangerous, and even the elevated cubby house and trampoline I had in my backyard (which were incredible fun) wouldn’t seem ‘safe’ compared to the modern perception of safe play equipment. These childhood play equipment experiences were ‘fun’ because they were challenging to navigate and consequently had risks. So are the children of today still being challenged, or is the increased awareness of safety stifling their development and playground experience? Do you think the line is being drawn too closely to safety rather than adventure and challenges?   

Our opinion is that as safety awareness has increased tenfold over the past decade, play equipment design has needed to keep up to remain acceptable, and we believe this has been achieved whilst still integrating positive challenges and risks. However, playgrounds must always maintain challenging components for the good of children’s development, so it’s up to parents and supervisors to manage the way kids play on playgrounds, setting and enforcing rules and guidelines.

The article goes on to inform us about many different techniques to keep kids safe on playgrounds, and we love the majority of them. Regarding the ‘Playground equipment at home’ section, we’ve ensured our products provide guard rails with raised platforms and bolt covers where needed, and we can recommend the best people to contact regarding safe surfacing of play areas. We also believe that all play equipment, regardless of the quality, should be regularly checked for any signs of wear and tear, especially wooden products because wood is a natural resource that has natural imperfections. However, in the ‘Safety on trampolines’ section, we disagree with sinking the trampoline into the ground, because unless it’s legs are galvanised and it’s designed to be sunk into the ground, doing so will be detrimental to the unit’s strength, performance and longevity. Instead, we offer anchor kits with all of our trampolines that keep the trampoline completely secure whilst not jeopardizing it’s structural integrity. We also have the best quality safety nets on the market available for purchase with every one of our trampolines. We agree with the rest of their suggestions, especially that trampolines do have to be considered as sports equipment and approached with care, and again, assessed regularly for signs of wear and tear. We also only sell trampolines that come with mats and meet all Australian Standards, and our AlleyOOP trampoline range is the safest money can buy in Australia, so we’ve got all your safety concerns covered!

So even though playgrounds may not be the same as we remembered them when we were young, the kids of today still have a ball on them and will still be challenged by them whilst keeping safe. Remember to set rules for your children when playing on playgrounds, keep an eye on them, and most of all, have fun!


Awesome Playgrounds Geelong

As you may have heard, Awesome Playgrounds are opening up their second dealership! From now on, Geelong will be that little bit more Awesome. The location has finally been secured, so drop in at the corner of Packington and Gordon Street for all the latest and greatest playground accessories.

The store will be open for business on the 7th of May, but make sure you check out the official Grand Opening on the 21st of May where there’ll be heaps of fun for everyone! We’ll have balloon animals, face painting, a BBQ and music provided by Bay FM. We couldn’t be more excited by this momentous occasion. Hope to see you there!

Brand Profile: KBT

Awesome Playgrounds is such a unique play equipment retailer because of our huge and diverse range, and we recognise this valuable attribute is due to the incredible brands we stock. So over the next few weeks we’ll be posting a feature article on each of our great brands, telling why they’re the leaders in their respective fields and why we’re proud to stock them!

Awesome Brand 1: KBT

We’ll start with our oldest brand, KBT. KBT Belgium is the leading play accessory brand in Europe setting the benchmark in play accessory quality worldwide. KBT was established 31 years ago and was introduced to Australia in 2006. KBT Australia and KBT Belgium are very close, both striving to provide their customers with the highest quality, most safe and most extensive range of play accessory products available in their marketplaces.

The KBT product range is enormous, and continues to amaze our staff day after day. They literally offer hundreds of play accessory products, and every one of these products are top quality. Below is a ‘brief’ overview of the various product categories you will find in the KBT range:

  • Swings
  • Heavy Duty play accessories
  • Slides
  • Climbing nets
  • Climbing poles
  • Climbing rope
  • Monkey bars
  • Miscellanious play items (telescopes, steering wheels etc)
  • Spring animals
  • Zipe wire (Flying Fox)
  • Construction

As you can see, KBT has all your play accessory needs covered, and the list above only addresses their residential offering. There are many more commercial grade play accessories available through KBT, and more information on this range can be obtained by contacting KBT Australia.

The fantastic thing about KBT play accessories is that they are so adaptable, complementing any cubby house, swing frame, playground and fort. We get customers using KBT accessories for lots of other applications; people who buy a KBT swing to hang on a tree or a slide for the kids to get from the lounge room downstairs to the rumpus room. And it doesn’t matter what you use your KBT play accessory for, you can rest assured that your kids are playing on the strongest, highest quality play products.

The First Super Secret Special

I know that our blog is very young, but I did say that we would use the blog to offer super secret specials to our fantastic blog readers, and because we’re a little bit excited about doing so, here’s our very first special!

Buy 1 Kbt play accessory and receive a 2nd Kbt play accessory valued at $50 or less for free!

(If both items are valued under $50, receive the least expensive item free of charge)

kbt product range promo

Simply visit Awesome Playgrounds in Kilsyth and tell us that you’re Awesome to redeem this offer!

This Super Secret Special is valid only for 2 weeks ending on the 21st of April 2011, so get in quick. It’s limited to one per customer, but be sure to tell your friends! Offer applies only to Kbt items and is subject to availability.

Welcome to the Awesome Blog

awesome playgrounds

Awesome Playgrounds has been undergoing some rather exciting transitions of late, and I’m pleased to announce that this now means we have a blog! It’s something that we’ve been aspiring to do for a while now, so it’s a great feeling to finally begin.

But you may be thinking, what would an awesome playgrounds company blog about? Well one thing is for sure; we will make reading our blog of great value to you. Whether it’s entertaining you, informing you, supporting you, or offering you an exclusive deal, the Awesome Playgrounds blog is definitely one to keep an eye on.

From our perspective, we’re greatly looking forward to sharing more about our company with our followers. We want you to understand who we are, what we do and what we stand for, and to achieve this, we will give you a truly unique insight into Awesome Playgrounds via the Awesome blog.

So to begin our blogging journey, I’d better introduce Awesome Playgrounds in case you’re unfamiliar with us. 

Awesome Playgrounds is a Melbourne based play equipment retailer and cubby house manufacturer. We sell a huge range of play equipment, that at a glimpse includes cubby houses, trampolines, play accessories, swing frames, monkey bars, sandpits and entire playgrounds. The company owners, Jeff and Brooke Gibbon, have been in the Children’s Play Equipment industry for over a decade now. Owning and operating a family business means that they understand families, and they could not be more passionate about providing families with high quality, safe and fun play equipment. Today, we are undergoing quite a large expansion phase that everyone within the company is thrilled about. Don’t be surprised if you see a few more Awesome Playgrounds popping up around the place…

If you want to find out more about us, please visit our website @ You can also follow us on Facebook!