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SPECIAL: The Awesome Outdoor Setting

We’ve been expanding our range and offering some great new products lately. There’s some you may have already seen, and some that are still a bit of a secret. However, the brand new Awesome Outdoor Setting is one of these new products we just need to show off!

Awesome Outdoor Setting 2


The setting is made from a high quality redwood that has undergone a three coat protective staining process, completed with an immaculate glossy finish. It’s strong, sturdy, will look amazing in your backyard and the whole family will love it.

We have some very experienced and talented wood workers who build all the timber play products you’re already familiar with, so we thought ‘Why not try our hand at some different products that the whole family will love?’.

Awesome Outdoor Setting 4

We are ecstatic with the result! So to celebrate, we’d love to offer our loyal Facebook and Awesome blog followers a MASSIVE discount on the Awesome Outdoor Setting!

The Awesome Outdoor Setting will usually retail for $699, but for our loyal blog and Facebook followers, you can have the setting for a crazy $549! All you have to do is email us at telling us what you like the most about the new Awesome Outdoor Setting!

Awesome Outdoor Setting 5

Obviously this offer won’t last long (it finishes on the 24th of August to be precise), so make sure you email us asap! Can’t wait to hear from you 🙂


Look at the little Baby Bear!

Do you think we’re talking about this?

Or this?

Unfortunately we don’t have either of these two little guys, but we do have a brand new play fort that is quite similar in a few ways…

The Baby Bear is the smallest and cutest play fort, designed for families who may only have a little space to spare for a playground. It’s perfect for children aged 3-7 living in the inner suburbs, and for all you parents, it won’t put a huge dent in the wallet either!

TPC Baby Bear

The Baby Bear is made out of redwood, comes with a high quality KBT Wave Slide, KBT Flexible Baby Swing, and a durable PVC tarp to keep the sun of your kid’s heads.

TPC Baby Bear 3

TPC Baby bear 2

These little units are already proving a massive ‘hit’, very popular amongst young families looking to buy their first playground.

Even though you may not have an actual baby bear sitting in your backyard, the Baby Bear play fort from Awesome Playgrounds is definitely the next best thing!

Brand Profile: Jumpsport Trampolines

Trampolines are a big part of Awesome Playgrounds and are one of the most iconic outdoor play products you can buy. Awesome teamed up with Jumpsport America a few years back being a believer that they make and sell the safest trampolines in the world. Jumpsport’s AlleyOOP range is proof of this claim, and Awesome has been proudly selling these trampolines ever since.

From the beginning, we’ve noticed it’s not just the kids that love Jumpsport trampolines! Many of the Awesome staff are often seen out on the trampolines too, and I’m told this has always been the case. Obviously, Jumpsport just makes their trampolines too fun to resist 🙂

Awesome Brand 2: Jumpsport

Jumpsport has been the leader in trampoline fun and safety since their inception back in 1998, and remain the leader today. They are extremely passionate about their trampolines; a trait which is reflected by Awesome Playgrounds. Whilst trampolines are incredibly fun, the safety of your child depends greatly on the trampoline’s design. It’s for this reason that Awesome Playgrounds chose Jumpsport to be our exclusive trampoline supplier, as we would not put your child’s safety in anyone else’s hands.

Put in simple terms, for a trampoline to be as safe as possible, it must be designed with a strong and sturdy frame covered by soft and forgiving surfaces. Often trampoline manufacturers will get only one of these aspects right, usually opting for a very forgiving design that offers no strength and will easily tip over. The fact of the matter is that a trampoline must have the optimum balance of strength AND cushioning, and Jumpsport is the only company that achieves this.

Here is a fantastic link that proves why Jumpsport trampolines are safer than all other competitors:

Compare Jumpsport