The Fun Begins With You

Traditionally, there has been much speculation about the existence of Big Foot with the only evidence being rather blurry photos of a large, ape-like creature walking around the forest areas in America.

You may have seen this photo before, which is probably the most famous photo of Big Foot:

Big Foot - Monster Play Systems

The famous Big Foot out for a stroll

Well, although we’ve named our premium range of Monster Playgrounds the ‘Big Foot’, they bear only a couple of resemblances to this near mythical creature. The main difference between them is that our Big Foot units do undoubtedly exist…and we have plenty of crystal clear photos of them to prove that. See!

Big Foot - Monster Play Systems

Big Foot Gym Package 5 in crystal clear vision!

The other thing is that you’ll find our version of the Big Foot in a residential backyard, which is exactly where you don’t want to find Big Foot himself!

Basically, we named the range the Big Foot because the units are massive and the kids can have heaps of ape-like fun playing on them. The deck towers at a huge 1.8m high and in packages 4 & 5, the penthouse sits at a whopping 2.1m high! Every Big Foot unit is skillfully constructed with thick Scandinavian Redwood and all the play accessories used are the cream of the crop. They all come with UV resistant canvas roofs so the children don’t get sunburnt, and are guaranteed to entertain for many years. What’s more, you can choose from a ‘Gym’ or a ‘Tower’ design, then choose from package 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 so there’s something to suit everyone!

Big Foot - Monster Play Systems

We're getting artistic now! Here's another angle of the Big Foot Gym Package 5

Big Foot Tower - Monster Play Systems

You can see a Big Foot 'Tower' pictured here (package 1)

Big Foot - Monster Play Systems

A Big Foot Gym in it's simplest form (package 1)

So don’t wait for another short glimpse or questionable photo of Big Foot, just stop by your nearest Awesome Playgrounds store to view a Big Foot today!

Visit or for more info about these amazing Monsters!


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