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Awesome At Moomba

Awesome Playgrounds ran our first ever TV ad at the Moomba Festival over the Victorian Labour Day long weekend. Early estimations have indicated a record-breaking turnout at this year’s event with pedestrian traffic reaching just over 1,000,000 people over the 4 day event.

There was great weather the whole weekend and an almost overwhelming amount of activities to do and spectacles to see!

We were really pleased to have our ad being shown constantly throughout the event and we were also quite proud of how our ad turned out (check it out on our Facebook page)!


Look at the little Baby Bear!

Do you think we’re talking about this?

Or this?

Unfortunately we don’t have either of these two little guys, but we do have a brand new play fort that is quite similar in a few ways…

The Baby Bear is the smallest and cutest play fort, designed for families who may only have a little space to spare for a playground. It’s perfect for children aged 3-7 living in the inner suburbs, and for all you parents, it won’t put a huge dent in the wallet either!

TPC Baby Bear

The Baby Bear is made out of redwood, comes with a high quality KBT Wave Slide, KBT Flexible Baby Swing, and a durable PVC tarp to keep the sun of your kid’s heads.

TPC Baby Bear 3

TPC Baby bear 2

These little units are already proving a massive ‘hit’, very popular amongst young families looking to buy their first playground.

Even though you may not have an actual baby bear sitting in your backyard, the Baby Bear play fort from Awesome Playgrounds is definitely the next best thing!

A Cubby House For Research Kinder

A few weeks back we were approached by some lovely people from the Kinder in Research about the donation of a cubby house. Research is in Melbourne’s outer north east, and the kids at the kinder there were having to make the most of a limited selection of play equipment in the play yard. Finding it difficult to fund new play equipment, the committee explored other means of obtaining it, tired of seeing their kids experience a lack of play equipment.

As a business, Awesome Playgrounds can’t fulfill every request for a donation, but in this case we were able to oblige and provided Research Kinder with a weather damaged cubby. They didn’t mind that the cubby was weather damaged because it was the largest cubby in our range (an Awesome Cubby), wasn’t extensively weather damaged, was free and most of all, they wanted to have a working bee day for the whole Kinder community to get involved and play a part in creating a stunning, new cubby house for their kids. And as you can see below, the result is amazing!

What’s more, Aristea from the Research Kinder committee emailed us some very kind words for which we are most grateful:

“The mums and dads of Research Kinder finally erected your awesome cubby and it looks absolutely amazing. The parents started erecting the cubby at 7.30am last Saturday and it was all completed by 1230pm, working very hard to compact the ground, erect and stain the cubby within a few hours.

It was placed under two beautiful trees with their beautiful autumn leaves. We cannot explain to you how much our kids love it. They are also so proud of their grants mums who tried really hard to make their `wish list’ come true by asking the right company with the best product to donate it and it even bought a sparkle to the kinder teacher’s eyes.

I believe the kinder teachers have been touched by the committee parent’s dedication to achieving their (long awaited, they have never had a cubby in over 30 years) wish list and the overwhelming generosity of your company to donate such an extravagant and much needed item to our kinder.”

We are so happy we could help the Research Kinder out, even in a small way in the grand scheme of things. We wish them all the best for the future and hope the cubby provides the kids with many hours of fun!

Welcome to the Awesome Blog

awesome playgrounds

Awesome Playgrounds has been undergoing some rather exciting transitions of late, and I’m pleased to announce that this now means we have a blog! It’s something that we’ve been aspiring to do for a while now, so it’s a great feeling to finally begin.

But you may be thinking, what would an awesome playgrounds company blog about? Well one thing is for sure; we will make reading our blog of great value to you. Whether it’s entertaining you, informing you, supporting you, or offering you an exclusive deal, the Awesome Playgrounds blog is definitely one to keep an eye on.

From our perspective, we’re greatly looking forward to sharing more about our company with our followers. We want you to understand who we are, what we do and what we stand for, and to achieve this, we will give you a truly unique insight into Awesome Playgrounds via the Awesome blog.

So to begin our blogging journey, I’d better introduce Awesome Playgrounds in case you’re unfamiliar with us. 

Awesome Playgrounds is a Melbourne based play equipment retailer and cubby house manufacturer. We sell a huge range of play equipment, that at a glimpse includes cubby houses, trampolines, play accessories, swing frames, monkey bars, sandpits and entire playgrounds. The company owners, Jeff and Brooke Gibbon, have been in the Children’s Play Equipment industry for over a decade now. Owning and operating a family business means that they understand families, and they could not be more passionate about providing families with high quality, safe and fun play equipment. Today, we are undergoing quite a large expansion phase that everyone within the company is thrilled about. Don’t be surprised if you see a few more Awesome Playgrounds popping up around the place…

If you want to find out more about us, please visit our website @ You can also follow us on Facebook!