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Look at the little Baby Bear!

Do you think we’re talking about this?

Or this?

Unfortunately we don’t have either of these two little guys, but we do have a brand new play fort that is quite similar in a few ways…

The Baby Bear is the smallest and cutest play fort, designed for families who may only have a little space to spare for a playground. It’s perfect for children aged 3-7 living in the inner suburbs, and for all you parents, it won’t put a huge dent in the wallet either!

TPC Baby Bear

The Baby Bear is made out of redwood, comes with a high quality KBT Wave Slide, KBT Flexible Baby Swing, and a durable PVC tarp to keep the sun of your kid’s heads.

TPC Baby Bear 3

TPC Baby bear 2

These little units are already proving a massive ‘hit’, very popular amongst young families looking to buy their first playground.

Even though you may not have an actual baby bear sitting in your backyard, the Baby Bear play fort from Awesome Playgrounds is definitely the next best thing!